Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Some Paintings...

**Making use of a free-warped canvas

SKaTeR drawing (subculture of choice)

I chose to do a Skateboarding drawing as my subculture of choice. I had a lot of fun with ink, pastel, and some acrylic when doing my paper treatment. I then sketched out a skateboarder, cut it out, and used the sillhoute as my stencil. Using colored pencils I threw down some skateboarders! I am some-what satisfied with the final product but do enjoy my paper treatment by itself a bit more.

ink, pastel, colored pencil

Gothic assignment

For this Gothic/Kitsch assignment, Laura gave us 7 random objects in a cup to incorporate into our drawing. I was given a candle (wax drippings), thumb tack (scratched into paper), marble (drawn as earring), vertebrae (drawn), Nylon (adhered to surface), elastic lace-thing (subtly incorporated into paper treatment), and a playing card with a dog and the word "fidelity" on it (wrote out "fidelity" for ambiguity). This was a fantastic assignment and definitely forced me to get creative.

mixed medium

Steam Punk assignment

Steam Punk

Tribal assignment

Tribal drawing
Charcoal and ink

Sci-Fi assignment

Sci-fi drawing
Charcoal and ink

Friday, April 30, 2010

Lets try this...

Anime Self Portrait.
6' tall
Watercolor paper. Pastel. Ink

I started to tackle this 6 foot sheet of paper by throwing down some orange ink. I find that white surfaces can be...um... intimidating. I then "splattered" black ink in somewhat of an organized fashion. Taking my crappy pastels, along with some borrowed spendy one's, I took off my shoes, rolled up my sleeves and went to town. It was a great assignment, and fun to use so much color!